Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2 2009

Today we played, did our "lessons" and visited Cousin Michael and Marissa!

Here we are visting cousin Marissa and cousinn Michael.

Joshua likes to spin the earth slowly on the table. As the earth spins, christian is reading a book!

Christian is painting!

Joshua is looking at the pictures in the North America minni book.

Joshua has learned where North America is on the globe. He likes to show me and say "I live here".

Christian is doing some cleaning work!

Joshua is working on his pattern boards. He made a butterfly.

Today we did an experiment with cornstarch and water. We are learning that certain types of matter can be a liquid and a solid at diffrent times. Cornstarch gets very hard and sticky as you add water.

very sticky . . .

Christian is playing in the rice bin and Joshua is building a truck with his alphabet lego blocks.

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