Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christian's Creative Thinking

I was pretty impressed with this game Christian thought of. He called this game, letter rocket. The picture is pretty dark so I will explain. He has a rubber ball secured to a string, which he put in between the railings. The other end, hanging down has a cube with letters on each side.

Christian would pull down this string and the cube would bounce up high and then come down. It was like a bungee cord. When the cube stopped moving it would land on a letter.

What ever letter it landed on, we had to find objects in the house that begin with that letter.

Love the creative ideas!!!!!!

Here is another activity Christian and I developed together. One of us would draw pictures of different shapes and the other person had to draw a picture using all of those shapes.
We had a blast and came up with some really neat pictures!


julie in kansas said...

I just want to say how wonderful to read your experiences with montessori education in your home. I would love to share this on my school's site: littleorchardmontessori.com
may I?

Bea said...

Wonderful idea, I will be adding a link to your site from www.alljoinin.com