Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moments at work 2007

Here are the boys last year. We had so much fun. It is such a blessing and a privilege to observe their learning moments.
This is the demo tank. We use this for all sorts of different activities. Here we are creating different shades and hues of colors. Watching how colors affect each other.

Using wiki stick to interpret with art a picture of a volcano.

Last year Joshua loved any type of "pouring work". he also enjoyed tasting the water out of different colored cups. Maybe he thought it would taste different?

Mixing bubbles and water and washing the table with Minni scrub brushes.
Joshua loved and still loves to wash fruit and eat it up!!

Smashing and mixing egg shells.

Yum pizza.

Matching phonetic word to pictures. Wow, how far he has advanced since last summer. Thanks to the Montessori systematic approach to reading!

matching numbers on the Montessori 100 board.

One of Christian's favorite things to do! Ride his "HOT Wheels".

The brothers playing in the backyard!

Working on the Montessori map of the U.S.

Matching work.

Mixing colors and placing colors in minni plastic cylinders using a eye dropper. Christian enjoyed this work. He used different colors and created a
cool art piece!

Mixing colors and poring into test tubes.

Water colors with their cousin Michael.

Painting on canvas with roller.

Matching picture puzzles.

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