Monday, January 19, 2009

Moments at work 2007 - continued

In December of 2007, christian drew this boat on a dry erase board. We enjoy drawing. I taught the boys to just look for shapes in what ever it is that you want to draw. It has been working great.

This is a lap book I made on the Montessori 6 Kingdom charts. I used Velcro and pictures I laminated. I will be adding a pdf file for this work soon and some better pictures.

This is Joshua in December of 2007. I bought some frogs at the dollar store. Joshua loves to match the frogs by color. He also enjoys placing them in a strait line and carrying the frogs in a basket.

In December of 2007, the boys are separating the colored erasers into categories.

In November of 2007 Joshua drew this picture and then said "Mama angel". Joshua is 2 and every so often he will draw a very advanced picture for only being 2. His favorite color is red. Joshua as well as Christian love to write and draw with the dry erase board. I only recently allowed them to use dry erase after I establish a proper "pincer grip" with pencils only. The dry erase markers are very bulky to hold and if a pincer grip is not established, it can deter the child from a proper grasp.

In November 2007, Joshua is working with the Montessori thousand cubes. He enjoys stacking them. This work is for Christain to learn the decimal system. Whatever christian works on, Joshua wants to work on also. I don't see a problem with this ,as the first part of learning the decimal system is being able to visually distinguish between the unit bead, 10 bar, 100 square, and thousand cube. So, he is being accustomed to these and learning these every time he stacks them

Again the Montessori method works within the child's interest. It is the interest that makes learning fun and when learning is fun it tends to be much easier than when it is forced. If it is forced and child shows no interest, learning becomes tedious and not enjoyable.

In November of 2007 we had a cotton ball bowing game. This was fun. We blew thru the straws and then measured each of our distances with our animal measuring tapes!

In November of 2007, I bought these little erasers at the dollar store in packages of 100. The boys love these! We bought ladybugs, turtles, crabs, flowers and so many more. We use the erasers to count with, to separate into categories , make up stories and make random piles and guess the amount.

November 2007 - Joshua is very interested in any type of matching work. He is playing memory by himself. I created a variety of matching work. I created a continents of the world matching work, animals matching work, and construction trucks matching work.

In October 2007, Our microscope broke. I thought this would be a great learning opportunity to take a part the microscope and put it back together. Christian really enjoyed unscrewing all the parts, seeing how each part affected each other, and putting it back together. He did put the microscope back together successfully. Boys seem to enjoy the process of taking things apart. So, this seems to be a a work they enjoy greatly. I can certainly bring out old toys or objects from the goodwill that they can take apart and put back together!

In September of 2007, Christian did some bug research work I called "What Am I". He had his own basket of bug research books and had to figure out the name of each bug and write it down. After he figured out what each bug was and wrote it down on paper, we constructed a "What Am I " bug book!

These are the Montessori landforms and a landforms minni book we made. The tupperware containers contain a playdough representation of each landform. The Strait and Isthmus.

In September of 2007, Joshua is doing a color work I created. I filled a papermache container from Michaels with colored pom poms. He has to fill each glass container with one of the colors.

This work also strengthened his finger muscles by taking each top on and off. This work also satisfies his enjoyment of dumping, which is

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