Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robot Fun

Everyday, I strive to educate towards the boys interests. The majority of our day is spent nurturing there own interests. I let our day naturally evolve. Sometimes we tackle many different areas of study and sometimes we stick to just one. It all depends on them. At some point, usually late afternoon we have about an hour to do what we call "lessons". Each day we focus on one of the main subject areas and they can choose from activities in there subject area.

Wednesday we had a totally Robotic day!!! All day we played robots. They had a blast. We incorporated math, reading and science into our fun filled day without them even realizing.

The other day, we watched a program called, How things work on TV. We learned how toothpicks are manufactured, how a helicopter is constructed and how plastic toys are constructed. All throughout the show we noticed many robotic machines being used. The boys loved this. I found a box of unused pipes and stuff and recalled a article I found in family magazine about making robots. I mentioned it to the boys and they loved the idea.

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